Saturday, August 4, 2012

The blog in BACK!!

OK, seriously how lame am I - ha!  I made this big deal at the beginning of the year about posting at least one topic a month and I haven't posted anything since February!  Well, I am about to change that.

One of my best friends just celebrated her 40th birthday - and yes I missed her surprise birthday party because I had NO babysitter..... you know that killed me, don't you??? I have decided that since my 40th is approaching it's time to make some changes.  I only have 5 months left in my 30s and man did they fly by fast.  I don't want my 40s to fly by the same way ... I want to ENJOY them. 

I will set new goals for myself when I actually turn 40, however here are my three goals for the next 5 months - before I turn the BIG 40!!
  • Actually weigh what my drivers license says I weigh. 
  • Rebuild - and keep - the friendships / relationships with all the special people in my life
  • Use my brain!!  I honestly feel like I am getting dumber as I get older and it's very frustrating.  I am going to challenge myself to learning new things and sharing those with all of you through this blog!
Well I am off for now - wish me luck - and please check in to make sure I am staying on track!  

Love you all - and miss you guys very much!!!