Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fabric softener

who uses it - HOW and when do you use it .... what kind do you use?

I have never used fabric softener but I have recently thought that might help some of the laundry issues I am having. With that said, I alway thought it was something that you had to add after the washer ran for a while .... which would NEVER work for me. I put the laundry in and forget about it till later.

thoughts ... recommendations???

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Organizing Bills

OK so .... I can't stand having all this paper around - so I am looking for suggestions on how to organizing and store bills.

How do you track, record payment / confirmation numbers so you can reference payments and do you keep the paper documents? I have files of paper bills that i want to get rid of and keep electronically somehow.

I started using Mint.com for my budget - although I haven't had time to really dig into it yet, but I don't think I can log confirmation numbers on payments that come out of my checking account. I can categorize things so i can run reports on utilities, groceries, etc ....

Any thoughts / recommendations??