Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eat At Chili's .... it's a good cause

I wasn't aware Chili's did this and I think it's FANTASTIC!  This flyer came home from preschool with Blake & Cloe.

I know we will be eating there on Monday!

Feel Free to pass along to any of your friends & family.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, September 16, 2013

What are the best X to use to make Y?

I often wonder, what is the best type of something to use when trying to make whatever it is I'm making.  Did that make any sense, haha!

Well what I mean is, what is the best:

* APPLE to use to make applesauce?  

* POTATO to use to make mashed potatoes (one of Justin's favorites and I don't make very often)

*FISH to use when making fish tacos ... one of my favorites!  
I have an outstanding recipe that uses Mahi Mahi but because I live in such a metropolis I can't find it very easily so I tried tilapia once and it just wasn't the same.  Now the funny thing is the lady at the "meat counter" told me that tilapia was what you wanted to use... it was good but it just wasn't what I was looking for!

What else takes a specific type of something to make a dish really good??  Any recommendations?

I am going to test some different apples, potatoes and fish over the next week so I will let you know my opinion.  I would LOVE yours!

Happy Fall!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

My babies aren't babies anymore!

This has been a hard week, and this morning the hardest.  I had to come to the realization that my babies are not babies anymore.  Cloe & Blake started school this week - Cloe yesterday and Blake today.  They were both so excited, and the more Cloe cheered "pre-k" the more I had to hold back the tears.

Cloe isn't really in pre-k, she just thinks she is, ha!  She goes to school MWF from 8:30 to 11:00 but stays after school in the childcare program till 2ish then goes on TTH in the child care program.  This way I don't have to run her to Joni's and she gets to attend the pre-k class on TTH mornings ... which she LOVES! The pre-k kids go everyday from 8:30 to 3:00.  She's there the same amount of time, she just can't be in that class because you have to turn 5 before the end of December.

Blake goes on TTH from 8:30 to 11:00 but is also staying till 2ish to save me the running.  I think this is going to be a great schedule for all of us.  We can pick them up at around 2:15 p.m. then head to the high school to pick up Elijah at 2:30... round trip 1 hour. 

Blake will go to the babysitter (Joni) on M&F which will be good so he can play with his friend Joey (as long as he's there) and have sometime without Cloe ... he follows her everywhere and she can get a little bossy.  I want them to be their own individual selves but it's so hard when they are so close in age, and do EVERYTHING together!

I think they are both as equally excited to take a lunch box and eat lunch at school as they are about school itself.  It's amazing how such little things make little people happy.  This is something we forget as we grow older.  Although I have been sad this week, it's been so much fun watching them be SO excited about school.  I have the opposite end of the spectrum with Elijah as he hates school and is grumpy every morning as he gets ready to go!  I remember laughing when it was just me an Elijah thinking that I would never have other children and if I did I would be on the "college / kindergarten schedule".  Elijah will start his senior year when Blake goes to kindergarten.  OMG I will be a MESS that day!! I may have to take that day as PTO just to do something for me to help me get through it, hahaha!  I have two years to prepare myself!

I guess this is a new chapter in my life?  I can say for the first time in a long time, my domestic side - the little one that I have - has really come out not traveling as much.  It's a little scary for me but I am willing to see where it takes me. 

Best wishes to everyone for happiness, love & laughter the rest of the week and this weekend.

Here are the kiddos' ... each on their first day of school.

Elijah - first day of sophomore year.  I got to the school and realized I didn't take his picture.  When I said "oh shoot I forgot to take your picture" he replied with "really mom??  Do you still have to do that?"  He laughed when I took his picture in the car ... and was probably mortified when I took his picture from the car with the window down as he was walking into the school and his friends were watching, hahaha!!

photo.JPGOne of these days I will figure out how to upload pictures to this blog the right way!

 photo.JPGShe is a girlie girl for sure!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Going LEAN!!

OK, so I have come to the realization that I have too much SHIT!!  I don't just mean stuff that I have accumulated over the years but just stuff in general.  It makes me sick to think of the money I have wasted in my adult life of unnecessary purchases - clothes, electronics (I have more phone covers, chargers & gadgets than you can even imagine possible) purses, bags, make-up, lotions and potions .... I could continue the list.  And for what??  Seriously - what is the purpose??

I'm not sure exactly what made me finally realize this - I think it's because I hardly travel anymore and being at home makes me realize all the clutter we have everywhere. I look around every day and it drives me crazy how cluttered everything is.  Granted we do need more living space, 5 people and 2 big dogs in a 1000 square foot 6 room house is a bit cozy no matter how much stuff you have.  But still, even if we had 3000 square feet, we have to much unnecessary stuff.

I have also come to realize that I don't need all the material bullshit I have .... don't get me wrong I love my Coach bags, but it's time to depart with MANY of them and about 1/2 the clothes I have.  I am setting a GOAL that between now and the end of the year I will go through each room in the house - including the basement and my storage unit (that I have had since I moved in with Justin full of furniture  from my old house) and CLEAN OUT!  I am not purchasing anything NEW until I have done this.

If anyone is in need on anything, let me know - I probably have it!  I am going to take some stuff to a reseller because it's good stuff that I could get some money back for and some I am going to donate.  If anyone knows an organization that could benefit or needs anything specific let me know.