Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy Holidays!  Well another year has past and in true Jeneen style, I did not keep my resolution that I was going to commit to weekly postings.  This is what I wrote last year:

I can't believe another year is gone.  It seems the older I get, the faster time goes by.  It's not that 2011 was a terrible year, It just wasn't the year i wanted it to be - I take full responsibility for that.   The year got away from me and I didn't have my priorities in line.

I started this blog - as an idea with Laura and Angie - after a pampered chef party that I had because we were talking about how hard it is to come up with different ideas for dinner.  I thought it would be cool to keep it open to "any" idea, not just dinner because as most of you know I am the most non-domestic female you will EVER meet :-) - yes i can admit it!!  It seems like over the last couple of years I have used this blog more of a sounding board to complain about things that are bothering me, especially after Blake was born. 

So..... with the new year I am going to reintroduce this blog - as it's true purpose.  I am going to commit to weekly postings with a question (like my fall decorating idea posting in September) or a recipe I think everyone will enjoy, a parenting tip or question, etc.. 

I would really like some suggestions on how to make the blog better - more interesting - so please provide your ideas and feedback.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a Happy New Year!  I am really looking forward to 2012!!

Well this year I am not making resolutions because I seldom achieve them.  Instead I am focusing on one thing:  HAPPINESS!!  I am turning 40 in three days and I am not dealing with it very well.  I am not sure why because I have been very blessed in my life.  Something is missing and that is what I am going to search for in 2013!  

I am going to really try and write a weekly post, but like I said last year if there are any topics or suggestions that would be great.  

You are all very special to me and I wish you nothing but the best for the New Year!!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book recommendation

I came up with an idea to challenge Elijah and I to both read more - rather than watch TV, text, play video games, etc... as well as maybe connect a little better.  He hardly talks to me anymore. Most people tell me is because he is a 14 year old boy but as you all know we have always been very close.  We are going to have our own mini book club where every 2 months we read a different book and when we are finished we will go to dinner, ice cream, coffee whatever and discuss the book.

I thought this would help increase brain power and knowledge as well as give us something to TALK about. 

Our first category is a biography - he has his book but I need some recommendations.  Got any??

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Management - Being on time

Alright - I know some of you are already laughing at the subject of this blog since you know me well and know I am ALWAYS late.  Well, no more :-). 

I have decided that I have to slow down and stop rushing - because at some point I am going to crash, literally.  A couple weeks ago I had the week from hell.... in only two days.  We got home from vacation late Saturday night and Sunday afternoon Elijah decided to tell me he had freshman orientation on Monday morning at 10:00 a.m.  of which he needed a parent to go with him so he could get his netbook (the school issued every student a computer to replace text books).  Well considering I had been on vacation for a week and out at the sales meeting the week before that I could only imagine what my Monday was going to be like anyway and this was really going to mess it up. 

I took Elijah and Brooke to orientation.  After that I had to pick something up from my mom and run it to the printers so we could make the ad deadline in the fall sports program.  While doing that I was on a conference call for a presentation I had the next evening.  I dropped the kids off at McDonald's to get lunch and ran to the printers to drop off what I needed to. As I was backing up out of the parking lot I slammed right into a brick wall that holds the business sign and has flowers planted in it. The wall was fine but now my bumper has a few holes in it, ugh!  Now, most people would say that they have back into something at one point in time, which is true.  However I have a back up camera and sensors that beep when I am nearing an object when backing up!!  Seriously - that was the big sign that I need to slow down.

I will spare you the details of Tuesday but let's just say there was unnecessary rushing that has made me really decide it's time to slow down.

I haven't decided how I am going to accomplish this yet, however I am off to a good start.  Yesterday and today we were on-time out the door for school (I actually have been doing pretty good with that) but I was actually early for my hair appointment.

Any specific time management tips you have that will help me slow down?  Please send them my way!!

Have a great week!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The blog in BACK!!

OK, seriously how lame am I - ha!  I made this big deal at the beginning of the year about posting at least one topic a month and I haven't posted anything since February!  Well, I am about to change that.

One of my best friends just celebrated her 40th birthday - and yes I missed her surprise birthday party because I had NO babysitter..... you know that killed me, don't you??? I have decided that since my 40th is approaching it's time to make some changes.  I only have 5 months left in my 30s and man did they fly by fast.  I don't want my 40s to fly by the same way ... I want to ENJOY them. 

I will set new goals for myself when I actually turn 40, however here are my three goals for the next 5 months - before I turn the BIG 40!!
  • Actually weigh what my drivers license says I weigh. 
  • Rebuild - and keep - the friendships / relationships with all the special people in my life
  • Use my brain!!  I honestly feel like I am getting dumber as I get older and it's very frustrating.  I am going to challenge myself to learning new things and sharing those with all of you through this blog!
Well I am off for now - wish me luck - and please check in to make sure I am staying on track!  

Love you all - and miss you guys very much!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Anyone into it? 

I always say, I am going to start using coupons.  Then I cut them out and leave them at home when I go to the store, ugh - just like my grocery bags!  We spend a ridiculous amount of money at the grocery store and I would really like to find an easy way to use coupons to help save a little money.

Anyone have any suggestions how to incorporate this into a routine?

Hope everyone is doing well - I can't believe February is almost over. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Before I had Cloe and Blake I had several different "routines" - Every Sunday night I would give myself a microderm abrasion treatment, Sundays were Soup Sundays - i made a different soup, I did sit ups and push ups everyday, I saw my friends (which never seems to happy now) ..... Now I am lucky if I wash my face before I go to bed :-)

With 2012 one of my goals is to incorporate some of my routines back into my life - they made me feel better and I was happier.

What routines do you have?