Saturday, August 4, 2012

The blog in BACK!!

OK, seriously how lame am I - ha!  I made this big deal at the beginning of the year about posting at least one topic a month and I haven't posted anything since February!  Well, I am about to change that.

One of my best friends just celebrated her 40th birthday - and yes I missed her surprise birthday party because I had NO babysitter..... you know that killed me, don't you??? I have decided that since my 40th is approaching it's time to make some changes.  I only have 5 months left in my 30s and man did they fly by fast.  I don't want my 40s to fly by the same way ... I want to ENJOY them. 

I will set new goals for myself when I actually turn 40, however here are my three goals for the next 5 months - before I turn the BIG 40!!
  • Actually weigh what my drivers license says I weigh. 
  • Rebuild - and keep - the friendships / relationships with all the special people in my life
  • Use my brain!!  I honestly feel like I am getting dumber as I get older and it's very frustrating.  I am going to challenge myself to learning new things and sharing those with all of you through this blog!
Well I am off for now - wish me luck - and please check in to make sure I am staying on track!  

Love you all - and miss you guys very much!!!

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  1. I love it, but maybe for #1, instead of focusing on trying to reach a specific weight, build a plan to workout 3x week for 30 minutes, and really make an effort to stick to it. The number on the scale can make you crazy, as it goes up and down depending on the time of the month And frankly doesn't mean a thing if you aren't eating healthy and getting exercise. You can be 100 lbs, but it doesn't mean you're healthy. Your body shape will start to change before you know it!