Saturday, February 13, 2010

Important entry .... NEED input

The topic ..... MY HAIR :-)!!! Seriously once or twice a year I go through this mood where I need a make over, well it's that time of year. Anyone that received our family Christmas card can see my hair was TERRIBLE!! Since then I have lightened it and cut it a little shorter but the texture of my hair is really dry. So one of the things I'm looking for is product recommendations. Marla you hair always looks so shinny - do you use anything special?

Also - for all you busy women how often do you wash and style your hair? I find that when I'm working at home even if I wash my hair it gets pulled back in a wet bun 95% of the time. I hate that too because then I don't feel like I look my best (which I want to do for Justin). I think a lot of my feelings are because I feel like a big frumpy mess most of the time - being 6 months pregnant and being pregnant FOREVER I think makes you feel that way sometimes.

So ...... any recommendations on products, styles, quick tips for getting ready in the morning would be VERY helpful!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sharing your time

OK, so this blog entry is for the women out there that have to share your time between kids, husbands/boyfriends, work, housework, etc...... I was going to write to just mom's and mom's that have multiple children, however I realize that as women we have a lot more to balance than just spouse and kids. Pets count too - i was really impressed by my friend Lauren recently because she had to take care of her boyfriends dog for 2 weeks while he was in Asia working and Lauren did an amazing job. The dog had a lot of health problems and Lauren cared for him like she would a child. I have to say Lauren, you have come a long way since not knowing Elijah couldn't sit in the front seat, hahahaha, you are going to be a great mom someday!!

I am not so much worried about the housework or work really (although when I am working I feel like I don't give the kids or Justin the attention they need and when I am tending to the kids and running errands, because the weekends are too short - I feel like I don't give my work the attention it needs.

Recently Elijah has expressed that he misses being an only child - because he had all my attention. You can only imagine how bad that made me feel - I really didn't know what to say because he has always been my main focus. I really do try and share my time between him and Cloe but I am worried that when the new baby comes it's going to be even more difficult to give all three kids the attention they need, plus be a good wife (yes I said wife - we have finally finalized the the wedding plans. we are getting married March 18th in Hawaii - so exciting)!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendation on how to balance life so everyone gets "equal" time and no one feels left out? I think it would also be nice to work in time for "me" but I'm not even considering or worring about that right now.

Well .... .anyone ??????