Monday, July 22, 2013

It's been TOO long ....

1. Since I posted anything
2.  Since I saw my friends
3.  Since I slept (REALLY) slept
4.  Since I could check off a GOAL as ACHIEVED!
5.  Since I just RELAXED!

SO, with that said:

1.  Here is a new posted - and I'm on a roll today and feeling FANTASTIC!  Although I went back to bed when Justin left this morning, I have laundry going - I unloaded and ran the dishwasher (it's ready to be unloaded and loaded up again (I swear between laundry and dishes, wth!! ha) - I made the kids pancakes (which were terrible because they came from a water only mix, yuck - will NEVER buy those again then took the kids to the sitter - stopped at the health food store - the farm market & the grocery store (yes I'm suppose to be working but my motivation to work on Monday mornings is something I need to work on).  When I'm finished with this post I am going to go for my run (week 2 of "Cough to 5K".... I completed all three workouts last week and if I am successful this week I am going to buy a new pair of running shoes).  Then I am going to have lunch with Justin and do some work this afternoon.  I already have dinner planned for the week so I am all set.

2.  OK - honestly I know we are all spread out but it's terrible that I can't see my friends more than once a year (Marla we are getting worse instead of better).  So, here goes:
Jeannie & Hannah - i saw you guys on the street in Salem  ... you guys look GREAT! 

Angie - Cloe would like to have a play date with Aubry so I thought if Amanda was still off, you and I could take a day off and plan a day with the little ones.  I would love to see Brayden and Cloe, Aubry and Blake could play.  Maybe we could go swimming at your moms or mine.  I'm going to send you and Amanda a message on FB so let me know if we can make this work.

Lauren - I can't wait to hang out at the sales meeting.  Can we stop at the outlets and have lunch like we did a couple years ago on the drive from Boston to Maine?  We can discuss next year plans during our drive :-)

Marla - I'm sending you an e-mail after this with dates I can get together.  I agree, we both need a get together WITHOUT kids.

Demetria - I can't remember how far you live from San Diego but I am going to be there in October.  If it's at all possible, let's get together for  dinner or coffee.

Tammy - I'm such a jerk I have not sent you a thank you for the GREAT Picture Frame!  I LOVE IT... I put our wedding picture in it and have it in the living room.  That was SO thoughtful of you.

Anyone else reading this blog that I have not talked to in FOREVER ..... please reach out!

3.  Not sure about this one but I am going to try new supplements from the health food store for pain and other issues to see if that helps at all.  I am also starting a new sleep hygiene routine to see if that helps.

4.  It's time to focus on my goals!  I'm setting smaller more realistic ones that has "rewards" when achieved.  I have a couple with BIG rewards but they are more long time goals.

5.  I'm taking Wednesday off and we are going to Idlewild with the kids and my parents.  Not that it will be relaxing, I'm not even taking my work phone.  I am going to start a new night routine to get the kids ready for fall and in that routine (and my sleep hygiene routine) there is time at night for ME to just relax and read .... Reading more is a big goal of mine.

Sorry for the long blog - I am in a funny mood today and I hope it continues.

Happy thoughts to a good week everyone!


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