Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's all starting to hit me .....

I'm so overwhelmed right now - I feel like all I do it go, go, go and I can't image what it's going to get ANYTHING done is 5 months when I have another little one to take care of. Right now seems so hectic that I can't think straight. My mind is all over the place, and I can't concentrate on anything - the wedding, organizing this house (funny I have a cleaning service come in one a week and my house is still a cluttered mess ALL THE TIME), laundry, oh yeah and there is my job!

How do you get it all done? I really don't ever remember feeling like this before - I know I need to take one thing at a time but I just can't, ugh it's so frustrating.

Any ideas of how I can focus on getting everything done and hold it together all at the same time?

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