Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sharing your time

OK, so this blog entry is for the women out there that have to share your time between kids, husbands/boyfriends, work, housework, etc...... I was going to write to just mom's and mom's that have multiple children, however I realize that as women we have a lot more to balance than just spouse and kids. Pets count too - i was really impressed by my friend Lauren recently because she had to take care of her boyfriends dog for 2 weeks while he was in Asia working and Lauren did an amazing job. The dog had a lot of health problems and Lauren cared for him like she would a child. I have to say Lauren, you have come a long way since not knowing Elijah couldn't sit in the front seat, hahahaha, you are going to be a great mom someday!!

I am not so much worried about the housework or work really (although when I am working I feel like I don't give the kids or Justin the attention they need and when I am tending to the kids and running errands, because the weekends are too short - I feel like I don't give my work the attention it needs.

Recently Elijah has expressed that he misses being an only child - because he had all my attention. You can only imagine how bad that made me feel - I really didn't know what to say because he has always been my main focus. I really do try and share my time between him and Cloe but I am worried that when the new baby comes it's going to be even more difficult to give all three kids the attention they need, plus be a good wife (yes I said wife - we have finally finalized the the wedding plans. we are getting married March 18th in Hawaii - so exciting)!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendation on how to balance life so everyone gets "equal" time and no one feels left out? I think it would also be nice to work in time for "me" but I'm not even considering or worring about that right now.

Well .... .anyone ??????

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