Saturday, February 13, 2010

Important entry .... NEED input

The topic ..... MY HAIR :-)!!! Seriously once or twice a year I go through this mood where I need a make over, well it's that time of year. Anyone that received our family Christmas card can see my hair was TERRIBLE!! Since then I have lightened it and cut it a little shorter but the texture of my hair is really dry. So one of the things I'm looking for is product recommendations. Marla you hair always looks so shinny - do you use anything special?

Also - for all you busy women how often do you wash and style your hair? I find that when I'm working at home even if I wash my hair it gets pulled back in a wet bun 95% of the time. I hate that too because then I don't feel like I look my best (which I want to do for Justin). I think a lot of my feelings are because I feel like a big frumpy mess most of the time - being 6 months pregnant and being pregnant FOREVER I think makes you feel that way sometimes.

So ...... any recommendations on products, styles, quick tips for getting ready in the morning would be VERY helpful!!!

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  1. Hey Babe...I think while it's nice to want to look your best for Justin you shouldn't fret about it: I'm betting he loves you no matter what;)
    I rarely (really rarely) "style" my hair. As in literally once/mo: if that! I'm like you - sloppy, wet bun most of the time.
    I think Marla really likes this Shampoo/Conditioner set I pick up for her at Whole Foods - and her hair does always look great, doesn't it!
    I just got my hair cut and colored Sat (though I know my sister stayed away from highlighting/coloring her hair every time she was preggars...) - added some bangs to change it up some (so there's something around my face when my hair is up) - so far I'm loving that!
    Are you working on any ideas?