Saturday, March 5, 2011

Organizing Bills

OK so .... I can't stand having all this paper around - so I am looking for suggestions on how to organizing and store bills.

How do you track, record payment / confirmation numbers so you can reference payments and do you keep the paper documents? I have files of paper bills that i want to get rid of and keep electronically somehow.

I started using for my budget - although I haven't had time to really dig into it yet, but I don't think I can log confirmation numbers on payments that come out of my checking account. I can categorize things so i can run reports on utilities, groceries, etc ....

Any thoughts / recommendations??

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  1. I use Quicken. I can honestly say it's changed my life. I think it runs like $50 for the computer software program and every few years I update it with the newest version but you don't even have to do that. It is basically a record keeping program for all of your accounts, including savings, checking, credit card, 401K's, and so forth. It has a wonderful budgeting tool as well as reminders of when bills are due. I log all expenditures and there is room with each one for a "memo" where I include my online payment confirmation #. It can also be linked with your accounts online, but I haven't ventured into that yet. I haven't missed paying a bill since I started using it. PLUS you enter the budget once and you can look at your "standing" for years to come. On quick change to the budget, changes all future information automatically. It will also note things that you seem to pay on a regular basis and ask if you want to add them to your budget. I LOVE IT.