Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fabric softener

who uses it - HOW and when do you use it .... what kind do you use?

I have never used fabric softener but I have recently thought that might help some of the laundry issues I am having. With that said, I alway thought it was something that you had to add after the washer ran for a while .... which would NEVER work for me. I put the laundry in and forget about it till later.

thoughts ... recommendations???

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  1. I use it mostly for sheets and towels, but also on the kids loads of laundry. It smells really great, and makes everything feel nice and soft. I use Downy or Snuggle, both work well. Your washer should have a separate place to pour in softener. I use a capful of softener plus one or two capfuls of water, then load the clothes like I would normally. As the cycle runs, it will dispense the softener on its own. Really pretty easy and makes a big difference!