Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Management - Being on time

Alright - I know some of you are already laughing at the subject of this blog since you know me well and know I am ALWAYS late.  Well, no more :-). 

I have decided that I have to slow down and stop rushing - because at some point I am going to crash, literally.  A couple weeks ago I had the week from hell.... in only two days.  We got home from vacation late Saturday night and Sunday afternoon Elijah decided to tell me he had freshman orientation on Monday morning at 10:00 a.m.  of which he needed a parent to go with him so he could get his netbook (the school issued every student a computer to replace text books).  Well considering I had been on vacation for a week and out at the sales meeting the week before that I could only imagine what my Monday was going to be like anyway and this was really going to mess it up. 

I took Elijah and Brooke to orientation.  After that I had to pick something up from my mom and run it to the printers so we could make the ad deadline in the fall sports program.  While doing that I was on a conference call for a presentation I had the next evening.  I dropped the kids off at McDonald's to get lunch and ran to the printers to drop off what I needed to. As I was backing up out of the parking lot I slammed right into a brick wall that holds the business sign and has flowers planted in it. The wall was fine but now my bumper has a few holes in it, ugh!  Now, most people would say that they have back into something at one point in time, which is true.  However I have a back up camera and sensors that beep when I am nearing an object when backing up!!  Seriously - that was the big sign that I need to slow down.

I will spare you the details of Tuesday but let's just say there was unnecessary rushing that has made me really decide it's time to slow down.

I haven't decided how I am going to accomplish this yet, however I am off to a good start.  Yesterday and today we were on-time out the door for school (I actually have been doing pretty good with that) but I was actually early for my hair appointment.

Any specific time management tips you have that will help me slow down?  Please send them my way!!

Have a great week!

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