Saturday, February 23, 2013

40 has come and gone

As you all know I turned 40 last month.  One of my BFF's Marla was sort of right - she told me the three days leading up to 40 are much harder than the day after.  My actual birthday and the next couple of days were not that bad - I really didn't even realize it was my birthday.  Where the sort of comes in is now that it's been a few weeks it's starting to hit me a little more each day.  I really don't want to start out 2013 is a frumpy rut! 

Justin took me to St. Peters urgh for my birthday weekend - the weather was so nice and it was so nice to be somewhere where there is stuff to do!  We went to an outdoor market (called the Saturday morning market) and it was so cool.  They had live music, food, crafts, jewrley, and all sorts of all natural / organic products.  It was so refreshing and it put me in such a good mood.  Then we return to reality .... shitty Ohio and the bullshit of everyday life. 

Ok enough of being a little negative (more like venting) .... While we were in St. Petersburgh we bought three trees and had them shipped home.  We bought a banana tree, and avacado tree and a plam tree.  We actually bought two palm trees - one for us and one for Justin's mom.  The one we is called a pony tail palm and is not very big right now.  The problem is going to be me keeping them alive, ha!  The banana tree and alvacado tree need compost - I have never had a compost pile before.  I'm going to do research but if anyone had any ideas or informaiton PLEASE send them along. 

Also - I am on a mission to start recycling.  Everytime I start everything piles up and I end up putting it out for the garbage.  Any tips / tricks for successful recycling?

Hope everyone is having a happy new year!


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