Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting things done

I feel like I am more unorganized now than I have ever been before. Before I had Elijah - 11 years ago - I was extremly organized. Now I feel like the more chaos there is the more normal life is and i do not like it.

How do you get things done? As I am sitting here writting this I just realized i forgot to remind Elijah to take the trash out to the street this morning. Now it's one of his chores that Monday morning he takes the trash out and Monday after school he brings the trash cans back up to the garage. I shouldn't have to remind him but I ALWAYS do and this morning I forgot - so now I am going to have to go do it. It's not a huge deal but this is what I'm talking about .... how do you remember to do everything and get it all done - and get enough rest all at the same time???

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