Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lowfat Easy Sweet Snacks

When I was pregnant with Cloe - I craved ice cream and sweets of all kinds. Well, Cloe is 12 weeks old and I still crave the sweets. Anyone have any good ideas for low fat easy sweets?


  1. frozen chocolate bananas! not everyone likes them, but if you do...its not a bad idea. I made them last yummy. and pudding or fresh fruit with the spray whipped (the spray stuff) gets a bad wrap but it is good...and I am a food snob :)

  2. Jeneen, did you know you can make any kind of cake a diet/calorie free one? Just choose a cake mix - preferably a low sugar/sugar free one - and instead of the oil, water, and eggs, use 1 can of diet soda - any flavor! I use 7up or Sprite w/ white and yellow cake mixes, and Coke or Pepsi with chocolate mixes. Use the same directions to bake it, with MUCH less fat! Instead of icing, try using fat free cool whip mixed w/ the powder from a box of sugar free jello for flavor (or sugar free pudding). Love to have white cake mix with orange flavored frosting - it really does taste just the same as a regular cake!