Saturday, November 7, 2009


ok ..... laundry is something I always seem to struggle with getting organized. Some weeks I feel like I am doing laundry every day. So once I get all caught up, I leave it go because I don't feel like doing it, then I spend all week getting caught up again. It's an endless cycle.

Is there a best way to organize laundry? Do you save it up and do it all at once or do you spread it out and do a little bit each day?


  1. My washer and dryer are in the basement... and I keep 6 hanging laundry bags down there. (two units with three bags each) When a bedroom hamper gets full... I take the clothes down and sort them by colors.
    1. Blues
    2. Grays
    3. Browns, Yellows, Greens
    4. Reds, Oranges
    5. Whites
    6. Blacks, Purples
    I picked color combos that worked with what we wash the most of and what things we could combine in one load. It makes me less worried about when I actually wash the laundry. The clothes are out of our rooms.. pockets checked... and sorted by color... ready to throw in whenever I have a minute. Then it only takes me another minute to switch them to the dryer. I will also admit after they are dry, I sometimes leave the clothes in the dryer until I have a minute to fold them... they fluff up just fine w another 5-10 mins in the dryer. I rarely set aside time to "do" laundry. I might throw a load in, in the morning. Switch it to the dryer in the evening... and then fluff and fold it the next day. Sometimes I need to wash a certain thing and I have a bag full of similar colors. Sometimes I get on a kick... and wash them all. (Rarely happens)... but regardless... laundry goes from taking a bunch of time to organize and fold... to a couple mins here and a couple mins there... NO STRESS :)

  2. This is my worst area too. I'm not a "busy mom" - I live by myself, which I think can make it worse, because if the laudry piles up, no one else is there to complain! I don't mind so much puttin the load in, it's the folding after it's done that gets me everytime. I get lazy and leave the pile of clean clothes on the floor - isn't that awful?? My boyfriend just shakes his head when he comes over.