Thursday, March 7, 2013


How as a busy mom, spouse, women in general do you stay motivated and focused with all the distractions of everyday life?

I start out the week so motivated - if you read my blog on Monday this week was no different.  I haven't totally lost my motivation but my weeks seem to have a similar theme to them lately and I need to break the cycle.  The beginning of the week I am super motivated and focused.  By Wednesday I can see a noticeable difference in motivation and by Thursday and Friday I just want the week to be over.

I have tried to set boundaries for myself to keep focused however so many things intrude on those boundaries.  This pattern is exhausting - I'm so exhausted when I go to bed but then I wake up every hour or two (either because my children need something - last night they BOTH wet the bed, Cloe was my fault but Blake leaked through is 12 hour diaper .... seriously how does that happen) or because my mind won't shut down and let me sleep. When I do finally fall asleep when I wake up I have NO energy and feel like I have been hit by a truck.

So, my initial question .... how do you stay motivated and focused with all the distractions of everyday life?

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  1. I know for me, I do not function well without sleep. Sleep is vital to stress management and energy level, obviously, and it sounds like by Wednesday, you're at a deficit and your body starts to shut down. I realize with two little ones there are things happening that are out of your control, but I bet there are some things you could do to create an environment that's conducive to better sleep. You could indulge yourself with some really nice pajamas and/or bedding. Make sure your room doesn't let in any light. If Justin doesn't mind, or if you had some small, comfortable headphones, listen to one of those ipod apps that play white noise or other pleasing sounds, or a narrated e-book. I find that really helps quiet my mind when it's racing, giving me something else to focus on. Also, they say clutter in your bedroom adds to the clutter in your mind, so if you can, keep any work stuff, laundry, and whatever else is going to remind you of your "to do" list, outside of the bedroom, or at least away in a closet where you won't see it as you're trying to fall asleep (I'm not good at this one, but I know I do sleep better when I clean up!). On the other hand, though, do keep a pen and paper inside your bedside table, because if you can write something down to remember for tomorrow, then it's out of your head and you don't have to focus on it anymore.

    So besides sleep, what else can you do throughout the week to recharge? I'm sure you don't forget to charge those damn iPhones, but really, isn't charging your own battery just as important?? What would it take for you to feel refreshed and clear headed? A walk outside WITHOUT your phones even just 15 minutes? A drive to a farmer's market with the kids, where they get to pick out colorful fresh veggies and beautiful smelling fresh cut flowers? A walk through a local bookstore where it's quiet and you can browse the travel section for a new vacation idea?