Friday, March 29, 2013

Holiday gift snacks

You all know I call myself the most non-domestic female ever!!  While that is true, one thing I am oddly good at - and really enjoy - is coming up with cute, unique ideas for the kids holiday school treats.  I have always loved putting together the school treat - regardless if it was for Elijah's birthday, valentines day, Easter, etc....  I admit when I was the head room mom for Elijah I went a little overboard with the class party and take home treats :-)  (that's when I was traveling A LOT and I over compensated for my guilt) but the kids loved it!

Now that Cloe is in preschool, I have been reminded how much fun I have putting the classroom treats together.   I thought I would share the Easter treat I made for Cloe's class on Tuesday.  They were super easy, inexpensive and the kids loved them (I took them to the babysitters yesterday and they had a blast making and eating them).

 This was on the front of the bag.  I typed it on the computer and cut it out with jagged edged scissors.  Then I just taped it to the front of a Ziploc sandwich bag.
Inside the sandwich bag, you put one of your favorite colored Peep! (we used pink for the girls and blue for the boys), one grahmn cracker broken in half and a mini Hersey bar.  We could find mini Hersey bars so I put in two mini Hersey bars - worked just the same!

If you have an upcoming party and need any ideas, let me know - I'm happy to share what I have done in the past or help come up with a new idea. If you have any cute, unique treats you have made and want to share, feel free to comment and send them along.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Happy Easter,

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