Monday, November 4, 2013


When did Halloween go from being 1 day to an entire week?  Three class treats (I didn't even think to take one for story-time) and trick-or-treat ..... I was exhausted!!

The little ones do not dress up for school, however they do have a Harvest Party that they can take a treat for.  Even though they don't dress up for school, Cloe's dance class had a costume party on Tuesday, Blake dressed up for story-time on Wednesday and Halloween was Thursday.  They had their fill of Halloween.

Even though I was exhausted, I had a good time making the treats for the kids.  They helped me with some of them, and we had a blast.

Blake was Mario and Cloe was Princess Ariel.  I felt so bad, why does it always rain on trick-or-treat?  Two years in a row it has been miserable.  The kids didn't mind at first, but once we were soaked ... it was time to go inside.  They got plenty of candy so I guess it was a good excuse to call it  quits.

Tuesday for dance class I made Hello Kitty rice crispy treats.  They didn't turn out the way I wanted but everyone like them.  I called them Hello Kitty Ghosts!

For Blake's school party on Thursday I made Bat Pops ... this was a bigger project then  I thought.  After making the cake you had to crumple it up and mix it with icing.  Then roll the balls, pinch the ears, and freeze.  After 20 minutes, drip them in chocolate (that was TOO thick so I had to spread it out) and put the eyes on with icing and a toothpick.  The kids loved them.  I wrapped them in individual bags and tied them with orange ribbon. 


Finally, Friday I made Hello Kitty cupcakes for Cloe to take as her class treat.  Now, I have to confess ... I bought the cupcakes themselves.  I ran out of time and didn't get them made.  I did take the pumpkin rings off (saved them for next years treats!) and put the Hello Kitty wrapper & toppers on.  I also wrapped them in individual bags with orange ribbon.

Last week of very busy .... but we had a lot of fun!  I am glad Halloween only comes once a year!  Now I have to starting thinking about Christmas!!

Whether you went trick-or-treating, passed out candy, or didn't do anything ... I hope everyone had a great Halloween. 

Wishes for a good week this week to come.

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