Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Little girl dream to be a "real" mermaid come true!

When we arrived at our condo at the beach, the kids did what they always do ... go straight to the balcony.  This year we heard Cloe yell ... Mama / Daddy come here, come here ... you aren't going to believe this!!  Well ... she was right.  There were two girls swimming in the pool with mermaid tails - you can only imagine Cloe's excitement!  Also as expected, the next phase out of her mouth immediately was "I want one"!!  We told her we would find out where they got them and see what we could do but we needed to unpack and get settled in first.

The next day we went down to the pool and the parents of the girls were there.  I thought maybe they got the fins at the Aquarium because there is a Mermaid show there.   That would have been too easy.  They ordered them on-line.  Cloe was super disappointed when we told her they ordered them and they didn't sell them in the store.  But as parents do ... I figured out a way to surprise her.  

Justin, the little ones and I were at the beach for 2 weeks.  We went on Saturday and Justin's parents and Elijah were coming on Thursday for the 2nd week.  So, I ordered the mermaid tail and had it shipped (2 day and yes paid WAY too much for that) to our house.  Elijah got the package and brought it with them.  When they got there I think I was more excited to have Cloe open it then she would be when she did.  She was SO  surprised and excited - she looked at me and Justin and say "you tricked me", haha!  

We tried to order Blake a shark fin but naturally they were sold out, ugh!  If you have a little girl, know a little girl or just aspire to be a mermaid yourself, check out this site:  http://www.finfunmermaid.com - the joy it brought Cloe while on vacation was worth the money spent!

Always remember:  LIVE ~ LAUGH~ LOVE~

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